• Are these Genuine products?
We only sell Genuine Branded products that are manufactured by reputed Brands. And we select only the products with good reviews from a selected few brands. Also we make sure the products we stock are reliable ones with warranty cover.

• What language versions are these products?
We always stock International/English editions of products we offer. These are products made for US/UK/EU Regions with strict quality control.

• Are these products suitable for to our country?
We only sell a selected few products that are suitable for conditions in Sri Lanka. Because some products won’t function optimally in climatic conditions in Sri Lanka.

• Do you offer Warranty?
We offer the Manufacturer’s warranty. We offer a limited warranty on most Dash camera products we offer via Manufacturer of the respective product. We have listed the warranty information on each product’s page. Please read the product description of the product you’re planning to purchase.

• Do you have a Shop or a Showroom?
No, we are an Online store, based in Kandy, Sri Lanka. We offer islandwide delivery. Products could be collected from our Kandy address, by contacting us in advance.

• Do you have a Shop or a Showroom Branch in Colombo?
We have an agent based in Nawala, Rajagiriya. Who has a limited stock of our products. Please contact them via 0719039381

• Do you have a certain product in stock?
Yes, we might have the product you’re referring to in stock, if it is listed in our Shop page.

• Would I be able to order a product that is not listed on your store?
Sure, please contact us. We will check the availability of the said product and the price and get back to you.

• Do you install or configure the product for us?
No, we do not fix or install or configure or customize the products. Customer has to get it done by themselves or from a qualified professional. Please refer to the user manual or manufacturer’s website for installation instructions.

• Do you have sample videos of a certain product?
Sorry, we do not have sample videos of each camera. Please check on Youtube by searching about the product you’re referring to.

• Are prices negotiable? Do you offer discounts or do you accept a best offer?
Sorry, we could offer discounts only if you’re ordering more than one unit of a specific product. Otherwise prices are fixed.

• What payment methods you offer?
We offer Cash on Delivery and Bank Deposit as payment methods. You could select the payment method you prefer in the Checkout page. For the Cash on Delivery method, a delivery fee of 400 Rupees has to be paid in advance. It could be paid via Dialog ezCash or it could be deposited to our Bank account.

• What is the order delivery process with Bank Deposit Payment?
Once you confirm the order by providing your order information thru the Checkout form and select Bank Deposit as the payment method, our Bank account information will be shown on the next page. Once you make the payment via a Bank Deposit, please email us a proof of the deposit like a receipt or a screenshot. Once the deposit has been confirmed, we would prepare the order and the order will be dispatched. Deliver fees are not charged for orders paid via Bank Deposits.

• What is the order delivery process with Cash on Delivery Payment?
Once you confirm the order by providing your order information thru the Checkout form and select Cash on Delivery (COD) as the payment method, you will be instructed to pay the delivery fee of 400 Rupees upfront. This payment could be paid via Dialog ezCash or by depositing to our Bank account. Payment information will be shown at the Order confirmation page and also sent via an Email. Once you confirm the order by making the deposit, we would prepare the products for dispatch.

• Do you offer Islandwide Cash on Delivery?
Yes. Although Cash on Delivery service availability for any given location depends on the consideration of the courier service. If they reject offering the service for a certain location, we would inform the customer regarding the matter.

• How long it takes to deliver an order?
For Cash on Delivery orders, products will be delivered within 2 to 3 business days depending on different locations. For Bank Deposit orders, products will be delivered on the next business day for most cities, and within 2 business days for outskirts.  Please take note, delivery times could change depending on the location and the availability of the courier service for the given delivery location.

• How much is the delivery fee?
For Cash on Delivery orders delivery fee will be 400/=. For Bank deposit orders, we offer Free Delivery Islandwide. For COD orders, we charge the delivery fee upfront because some customers tend to return or cancel the orders once the order has been prepared or dispatched.

• How do I cancel my order?
Please contact us asap. If the order has been processed already, we won’t be able to cancel the order.

• Ordered product has a damage or a defect, what should I do?
If you receive a product that is defective or damaged, please inform us as soon as possible. We have listed our Return policies in detail on our Terms & Conditions page.